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Customer Service & Parts Adviser Apprentice

Customer Service & Parts Adviser Apprentice

I.T systems, sales targets, customers, people, team work….

Like a challenge? Enjoy the rough and tumble of high pressure situations? Then this is the job for you……

The job of Customer Service and Parts Adviser is critical to the success of the motor vehicle repair industry; without you, cars stay broken.

You’re busy checking stock, ensuring that their are sufficient parts to meet the expected demand of the day. It’s been a rotten ,cold autumn and you have anticipated vehicle batteries will be dropping like flies and ordered plenty in – watch those fly off the shelves! You know your job…

The phone rings, you pick up and it’s Andy from the BMW specialist across town. He loosely describes the part he believes has failed, you check your electronic parts catalogue discussing with him location, size, the number of terminals in the connector – that’s the one. You suggest he also orders the gasket kit too, that’ll be a proper job done!

You just catch the delivery van driver in time and it’s with Andy 10 minutes after he called you. Another sale made, another happy garage, another happy driver!

Stock check again before the next call. What was that article on the news about the poor condition of the counties’ roads? Maybe we should order in plenty of suspension bushes…..

Listen to a Customer Service and Parts Adviser….

Make sure you come back to us here on and apply, it might just change your life…….


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