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Specialist Tyre Fitter Apprentice

Specialist Tyre Fitter Apprentice

Enjoy the outdoor life? Enjoy physical work, out and about?

As a Specialist Tyre Fitter you are working on vehicles ranging from Mini’s to JCB’s,  to tractors! No day is ever the same……

You get the call; a 38 tonner has blown a super single tyre on its rear axle on the M6 delivering goods to supermarket distribution sites. The police have been on site removing tyre debris and have secured the scene. Traffic is moving again and now the truck needs to get moving too – time is money.

You check the tyre specifications and load the correct ones on to your van. A quick check of tools and you’re on your way. The driver is very pleased to see you; he’s on the clock and needs to make his drop soon. You assess the issue and you secure the roadside. The traffic is thundering past but the Highways Agency is on site to help keep you safe. You remove the wheel and replace the shredded tyre with a brand new one. Refitted in no time, wheel nuts torqued to 575 Newton Metres, that’s staying on!

The Agency guys leave and then you realise that the truck driver is not going to be able to get up to speed to re-join from the hard shoulder due to a bridge stanchion 100 metres to the front. You call the police and they arrange a rolling re-join for you.

You wait, the motorway grows quiet – not a car, not a truck anywhere. In the distance you see the faint glow of blue lights; the police have slowed all traffic to 40 MPH and are holding it back for you. You tell the driver to move and off you go.

You follow the truck for a mile or so to ensure all is well, the police have passed you and waved to ensure all is good.

Next job is the other side of town, better get back and restock.

Apply now, it might just change your life……


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