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Vehicle Fitter Apprentice

Vehicle Fitter Apprentice

Remove and refit,  fabrication and repair, hand tools, power tools….

Practical person? Good with your hands, never fancied an office life? Then this is the job for you…..

The Vehicle Fitter is the go-to person in the workshop. If anyone can, they can. The Vehicle Technician has diagnosed a problem but whilst repairing has sheered off a bolt. Now they have a problem of their own! A quick word with you and you’re on the case, you assess the problem, you select your tools (you’re rightly proud of your pro-grade tool collection) you drill out the offending bolt and re-dress the thread. In no time you have the sub-assembly back together, all bolts torqued to the correct setting, vehicle ready to go.

What’s on your next job card? Okay, brakes rebuild on a Ford. You call the Parts Adviser and order in the discs, pads, shims and bolts. You’ve done plenty of these before, you also check that you have ABS wheel speed sensors in stock too, they often need replacement at the same time and it’s easier while the brakes are stripped. You know your job…….

Apply now, it might just change your life…..

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