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Halfords Autocentre Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship

Halfords Autocentre Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship

Your career with Halfords Autocentre

Engines, transmissions systems, technology……

Fascinated by technology? Have an inquiring mind? Like cars? Then this is the job for you…

If you are the sort of person that just couldn’t resist stripping your bike down as a kid; was fascinated by the gears and how they made it easier to pedal up hill and then faster pedalling it down the other side then you’ve come to the right place!

The job of Vehicle Technician is different every day; it is a practical, highly skilled, thinking job where the very best are highly valued and well respected for their ability.

Picture this – a customer brings their car to you, it’s already been in to 2 other garages and they cannot find the fault – now it’s your turn. You assess the problem, you ask the customer to describe the symptoms; you ask about the weather at the time, the road conditions, the picture is becoming clearer. You connect your laptop to the On-board Diagnostic socket and download the engine data. You use your oscilloscope to view ignition system patterns and fuel injector waveforms. Hang on a minute, injector number 4’s trace doesn’t look quite right. Got it! You discuss the problem with the Parts Advisor and identify the correct replacement part, delivered to you within the hour. You fit it and turn the key.


You are a Master Technician.

Nothing can beat you!

Did you get that bike back together with no parts left over?


Apply now and we’ll teach you about cars – everything about cars.

Apply, it might change your life!



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