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John Deere – Turf Technician

Turf Technician

Turf Tech

This turf engineering apprenticeship develops exactly the same skills as its agricultural equivalent, but with the focus more on machines used by golf courses, sports grounds, local authorities, landscapers and country estates.

Engineering is a practical subject. It’s about making things work and fixing things that don’t. You will learn to use the very latest John Deere equipment, working at the cutting edge of technology to gain the important skills required in a fast developing, high-tech industry. John Deere dealer Turf Technicians are trained in engineering, electronics, hydraulics, diagnostics, communication skills, computing, sales and marketing.

The training programme includes:

• 8 weeks of training each year for 3 years at the John Deere Training Centre in Nottinghamshire;

• IMI Level 2 Diploma, progressing to Level 3;

• Functional Skills Levels 1 and 2 in Maths, English and ICT;

• Landbased Technician Accreditation Level 2 – achieved at the end of the fourth year of employment as the result of attending three additional free training courses at John Deere Limited’s headquarters in Langar, Nottingham.

You can extend your skills with additional training in areas such as compressed gas handling, welding and abrasive wheels. After the fourth year, you can go on to achieve LTA Level 3 (Advanced Technician) qualifications.

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